MVS Series: How to update the MVS-x Unfold

Step 1: before upgrade, please close all the anti-virus software and firewall, and make sure the network between multi-viewer and computer is connected well. Set all channels to input inner test signal without waveform display before upgrade. 


Step 2: please update the Main DSP on Network page. It takes about 10 minutes to upgrade it. See the attached picture. When system is upgraded successfully, there is a massage box popping out to tell that, and then please close the web page, turn off the power and restart the device again. Then open IE Brower, enter the IP address, and reconnect with multi-viewer. 


Step3: After upgrade, please enter "xxx.xxx.x.xxx/cbvt.html" in IE address. ("xxx.xxx.x.xxx" represents the IP address. The default IP address is See the attached picture. The web page as below is opened. If the TV standard is Pal in your country, Choose "Pal", if it is NTSC in your country, Choose “NTSC”. After that, please turn off the power and restart the device again. 


If you still have question, please contact us directly.


The firmware is improved at two following points.

1. Change GUI to SV version.

2. The order of layouts in layout management area is constant and fixed. So there is one-to-one correspondence between layouts and recalling buttons of Remote Control Panel.

MVS series: How to find the firmware foftware version Unfold

 You can check the current software versions by going to the HELP tab on the MVS WEB GUI screen. 

1)Open the IP broswer, input your MVS IP address, the drfault is :

2)login, the defaule ID:  admin, password:000000

3)Switch the tab to help, you can find all version list. If there are nothing, it means you machine has DSP issue,lost the software, you can try to restart it. if there are still nothing please contact us directly.

MVS series: How to update font file Unfold

Please save the font file to your control PC, then follow below steps to update font:

Before the upgrade, the anti-virus software and firewall have to be closed to make sure that the upgrade data is transmitted to MIO MVS/VIO MVS series system without rejection.

1\ log in web control page, and go into ""Network configuration"

2\ open the "Font file" browser to select the saved font as enclosed, click Ok, it'll take about about 30 seconds to upload the font to the firmware.

3\After succeed  information pop-up , restart the machine, and try to change the UMD again

Please contact us if you have further question.

MVIO Delay:How can I increase/decrease the time delay in frames and seconds Unfold

On front panel of MVIO Dely, there are a LCD and wheel, all menu can be displayed on LCD, press wheel to confirm the operation or selection, roll wheel to left or right to select or change the parameters. Below is a example to change the second of delay time:


1)  roll wheel to select  "Delay Time", 

2)then press wheel to confirm your selection,

3)roll wheel again to move cursor in LCD  to "***S" position, 

4)press the wheel to confirm operation,

5)roll the wheel you can see the number of second is changing bigger when you roll left or smaller when you roll right, 

6)press wheel to confirm your selected number.

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