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    The MIO AD-AUD is a high-quality, 24-bit analog to digital audio converter designed to convert 2 channels of analog audio stereo signals into 2 AES audio outputs. The device provides a variety of full-scale standards for analog audio (+18dBu/+20dBu/+22dBu/+24dBu). Analog audio adopts balanced mode, while digital audio adopts BNC interface with unbalanced mode. The left and right channels can be combined via a DIP switcher to form one AES signal. 

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    Two analog audio stereo signal inputs, two AES audio signal outputs

    3-pin interface (balanced mode) for input and BNC interface (unbalanced mode) for output

    24-bit processing

    DIP switch used to combine left and right channels to form one AES signal

    Variety of full scale standards (+18dBu/ +20dBu/ +22dBu/ +24dBu)

    LED light indicates the status of power supply

    Mini box structure easily-installed inside frame racks and video walls

    Widely-used in broadcasting systems, studios, and other professional fields


    Analog Audio Input:

    Input signal:                 2*Analog Stereo 

    Interface:                     3-pin, balanced

    Impedance:                 600 ohms

    Frequency response:  20 Hz-20 KHz <±0.25dB


    Digital Audio Output:

    Output signal:               2*AES

    Interface:                      BNC, unbalanced

    Standard:                      AES3 (SMPTE 276M)

    Impedance:                  75 ohms

    Max Level:                      0dBFS


    Status indicator:

    Power indicator

    (Indicate by shining or extinguishing of the green LED)


    Power consumption:

    Power: 12VDC 1A

    Dimension: 123mm*92mm*29mm


    MIO AD-AUD            Analog audio to AES converter

    MIO DA-AUD            AES to Analog audio converter


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