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    VIO MVS-8HD is a 1RU standalone multi-viewer system. VIO MVS-8HD supplies 8ch.3G/HD/SD & 1 DVI/HDMI auto adaptive inputs. 1 DVI/HDMI (up to 1920x1080) with 1 duplicated HDSDI Output. It is a low cost multi-view display system with rich features, such as dual redundant power supplies, real time audio/video monitoring, dynamic UMD & tally, UV meter. Built in WEB server provides an easy control and supports SMNP and TSL protocol.

    VIO MVS-8HD is a perfect cost-effective display solution for broadcast and pro AV applications.

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    ? Display up to 9 Video channels

    ? Support3G/ HD/SD-SDI signal with embedded audio, 525i,625i, 720P, 1080i, 1080P auto adapting 

    ? Output resolutions, up to 1920x1080P60 

    ? Flexible output options:4:3, 16:9, customized aspect ratio, supports 4:3 or 16:9 safe maker  

    Selectable air timer and countdown timers, analog and digital clocks style

    Any channel can be enlarged to full screen

    Dynamic UMDs & Tally

    Programmable multi-color static UMD

    Support format display of input signal, AFD information, UV meter

    Alarming of frozen or black video, video losing, and audio silence or losing

    Built-in WEBSERVER via RJ45

    Support SNMP, TSL

    GPS serial,NTP,Local PC timing

    Standard 1U frame with dual redundant power supplies

    Professional DSP accelerated image processing

    Layout switching RCP optional

    Number Of Video Input

    8* 3G/HD/SD/CVBS +1* DVI( support HDMI)

    Video Input Format

    Support HD/SD-SDI signal with embedded audio and indicate up to 8 audio channels of Group1&2.

    SD: 480i 59.94, 576i 50

    HD: 720p 50Hz/60Hz   1080i 50Hz/60Hz  1080p 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz 1080p 50Hz/60Hz

    Other Input Format

    DVI interface (Female)

    For 3G signal (1080p 50/59.94/60), the channel only displays UMD.

    For other signal source, the channel can display all the elements like video channel

    Video format: SD: 480i 59.94, 576i 50   

    HD: 720p 50Hz/60Hz  1080i 50Hz/60Hz 1080p 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz

    1080p 50Hz/60Hz             

    Graphic format: 1280x720px50/60Hz  1920x1080px25/30Hz  1920x1080px50/60Hz

    Number Of Video Output 


    DVI Output Format

    DVI interface (Female),Support HDMI/DVI

    Output resolutions : 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x768  1280x1024, 1360x768, 1400x1050

    1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080

    SDI output Format

    Duplicate signal with DVI/HDNI output interface

    720p (When HDMI output resolution is configured as 1280x720p);

    1080i (When HDMI output resolution is configured as 1920x1080i);

    1080p (When HDMI output resolution is configured as 1920x1080p);

    Analog Audio Input &Output

    1*DB26 interface(Female)

    8ch. Balance audio input

    1ch. stereo audio output


    Ethernet: RJ45 interface, for WEB configure\TSL protocol\ SNMP protocol

    RS232/GPI: DB26

    LTC: XLR, EBU code


    Power: Dual redundant power supplies  100-250V 50/60Hz 2.5A  Max 2x120W

    Temperature: Operation temperature:0-40℃  Store temperature:-30-+75℃

    Dimension: 438 x 368 x 44mm


    1U standalone multi-viewer with 8ch. 3G/HD/SD + 1ch. DVI/HDMI/VGA adaptive inputs, one DVI/HDMI ( up to 1920x1080) with duplicated HDSDI Outputs

    VIO MVS-16HD-D

    1U standalone multi-viewer with 16ch. 3G/HD/SD + 2ch. DVI DVI/HDMI/VGA adaptive inputs, 2ch. DVI/HDMI (up to 1920x1080) with two duplicated HDSDI Outputs

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