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    VIO DELAY-X is 5 minutes HD/SD SDI solid delay. It is perfectly used in professional radio and television field. No matter for studio before-delay, after-delay or broadcast general control environment, VIO DELAY-X will always be the best option.

    With the AUX, MUTE and bypass button, operators can handle the emergency easily, avoiding wrong video or audio. It makes broadcast safe and reliable.

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    Long-time delay: Use new high-speed storage technology so that HD delay time supports up to 5 minutes and SD delay supports up to 23 minutes. As many as 11 kinds of format HD and SD are all self-adaptive.

    Multi emergency response mechanism: Bypass, AUX, MUTE, Countdown clock alarm and Mosaic are accurate and efficient function. Bi-time delay is adopted so there are two separate channels: PGM broadcast channel and PST monitoring channel. They have the same delay time. Monitoring takes the final output signal as the benchmark for rapid processing, so that the operators on duty have enough time to decide when and how they deal with the fault point.

    Embedded internal player and clip record: Two creatively functions. The internal player has 128G storage space so up to six hours of HD materials can be stored in it. The Live clip record can real time capture realizes useful baseband HD video and audio signals. It can store up to 80s HDSDI (SD 420s) no compressed media, and supports real-time editing of in-point and out-point.

    Embedded 5Ch. Multi-viewer: It makes monitoring much easier. The preview signals (before, during and after delay), PGM signal and AUX signal are obviously monitored. the operation of emergency response mechanism are easier and more visible.

    Embedded Mosaic now available: When MVS option is configured, user can create 3 mosaic mask to cover the image you don’t want to broadcast, such as some logo, or some indecent content.

    Digital Video Input:

    Input interface:        2*SD/HDSDI, BNC connection

    Impedance:             75Ω

    Format:                    SD-SDI 625i50/525i59.94,

                                    SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s

                                    HD-SDI 720p50/720p59.94/720p60;



                                    SMPTE 292M; 1.485Gbps

    Maximum amplitude:    >450mV

    Maximum cable length:  SD <200M(Belden1694A)

    HD <100M (Belden1694A)


    Reference Input:

    Signal type:              PAL/NTSC/Tri-level

    Input interface:         1* BNC

    Impedance:               75Ω


    Digital Video Output:

    Output interface:       6*SD/HDSDI, BNC connection

    Impedance:               75Ω

    Format:                     SMPTE 292M;1.485Gbps

                                     SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s


    Audio Input and Output:

    Input Interface:        4*Analog Audio or 4*AES

    Output Interface:      6*Analog Audio or 6*AES

    Interface Type:         2*mini XLR (input)

                                     8*mini XLR (output)

    Impedance:              600Ω (Analog Audio)

                                    100Ω (AES)


    Control interface:

    Interface:                 1* RS232/1*Remote/2*Network



    Power Consumption: 275W*2PSU, hot plug, redundant

    Size: 440mm×472mm×44mm (Depends on subject.)

    Net weight: 5kg



    VIO    DELAY-X-SD300S

    SD 300s Solid Delay

    VIO    DELAY-X-SD900S

    SD 900s Solid Delay

    VIO    DELAY-X-SD1380S

    SD 1380s Solid Delay

    VIO    DELAY-X-HD60S

    HD 60s Solid Delay (Support SD 300s)

    VIO    DELAY-X-HD180S

    HD 180s Solid Delay (Support SD 900s)

    VIO    DELAY-X-HD300S

    HD 300s Solid Delay (Support SD 1380s


    VIO DELAY-X Standard Universal Control Panel

    VIO    DELAY-X-RCP-1

    VIO DELAY-X Extension Type A Universal Control Panel

    VIO    DELAY-X-RCP-2

    VIO DELAY-X Extension Type B Universal Control Panel (visible buttons)


    Internal five-image splitter option.


    Internal player option.


    AES audio embed/de-embed option.


    Internal clip record option.

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