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    VIO DCO-S is a super HD/SD-SDI signal automatic changeover, configured with signal quality monitoring, it can auto switch Mast signal between Slave signal not only based signal lost, but also based on the setting of alarm threshold value.

    VIO DCO-S supports three signal input, Master, Slave and AUX signal. If the PGM is Master signal, when Master is abnormal and the Slave is good, the machine will switch from Master to Slave, but if the Slave signal is also abnormal, it’ll directly switch to the AUX signal. If the PGM is Slave signal, when Slave is abnormal and the Master is good, the machine will switch from Slave to Master, but if the Master signal is also abnormal, it’ll directly switch to the AUX signal.

    The front panel is configured with a high definition menu LCD, color button indicates working status and permit manual operate.  VIO DCO-S supplies serial port, GPI and Ethernet control interface. With embedded Web server, user can view the working status, open or close quality monitoring. If open, it supports: black, freeze, audio mute, freeze and mute joint detecting, user can set the probe threshold value and continuous time. It supports SNMP and can works with the third part monitoring software so that users can have real-time monitoring. Configured with dual power supply, it is really a cost-effect solution for system robust and safety. 

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    Self-adaptive to embedded SD/HD-SDI input/output of different formats

    Auto monitor channel quality and loss, including video black, freeze, audio mute, video freeze and audio mute joint, EDH, Line number, CRC

    Auto or manual seamless switching among Master, Slave and AUX signals.

    Audio alarm or not

    Built-in frame synchronization, support H phase adjustment

    Supports Master signal by-pass when power off

    Support GPI, RS232 and NET control with embedded webserver

    Support SNMP

    RCP is optional, one RCP can control master and slave two units host machine

    Digital Video Input:

    Input interface:        3*SD/HDSDI, BNC connection

    Impedance:           75Ω

    Format:              SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s   

                        SMPTE 292M; 1.485Gbps  






    Maximum amplitude:    >450mV

    Maximum cable length:  SD <160M (Belden1694A)

    HD <100M (Belden1694A)


    Reference Input:

    Signal type:            PAL/NTSC/Tri-level

    Input interface:         1* BNC

    Impedance:            75Ω


    Digital Video Output:

    Output interface:    2*SD/HDSDI, BNC connection

                                   (One is Channel A loop through)

    Impedance:           75Ω

    Format:                  SMPTE 292M;1.485Gbps

                                   SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s

    Over shoot:         ﹤80mV

    Jitter:                    ﹤135ps(100kHz)

    Rise and fall time:    ﹤270ps(20%到80%)

    Rise and fall time difference:   ﹤100ps

    DC offset:        0V±500mV

    Control interface:

    Interface:            1* RS232/1*Remote/2*Network



    Power Consumption: 250W*2PSU, hot plug, redundant

    Size: 440mm×345mm×44mm

    Net weight: 3kg

    VIO DCO-S            2CH 3GHD/SD SDI Signal automatic change over with signal quality monitoring

    VIO DCO-S RCP        VIO DCO-S remote control panel

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