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     XIO 9060FS is a frame sync processor which inputs one HD/SD-SDI signal and outputs four HD/SD-SDI signals after frame sync processing and equaling amplification. The module supports relocking for safety. The converter supports AFD (Active Format Description) insert. Moreover, the module can display the signal status information in direct way by its LED indicators. Ethernet management is provided. It supports SNMP protocol which can be used with the private network management of XIO NET. Through Ethernet to realize real-time communication with the third party monitoring equipment enables the operator to know about the working condition and settings easily.


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    Support HD/SD-SDI self-adaptive input

    Provide an individual external sync connector and frame sync

    Support analog composite and tri-level reference signal

    Support AFD insert

    Support manual control or computer remote monitoring (XIO NET should be set up)

    Internal 20 bit digital processing for output of high quality

    Provide real-time indicator of signal and power supply status

    Support hot swap

    Digital Video Input:

    Input interface:     1*SD/HD-SDI, BNC

    Impedance:        75 ohms

    Format:          SMPTE 259M-C; 270Mbp/s

    SMPTE 292M;1.485Gb/s

    SD:625i50, 525i59.94;


    Reference Input:

    Signal Type:        Analog composite sync or tri-level sync

    Input Interface:    1*CVBS / Tri-level, BNC

    Standard:            PAL / NTSC / Tri-level

    Impedance:         75 ohms


    Digital Video Output:

    Output interface:   4*SD/HD-SDI, BNC

    Impedance:           75 ohms

    Format:                 SMPTE 259M-C; 270Mbp/s

    SMPTE 292M;1.485Gb/s

    Eye pattern:         800mV±10%

    Jitter:                    < 0.05UI


    Status Indication

    Power and signal status (the green LED lights status)



    XIO 9060FS                   

    HD/SD-SDI video frame sync processor

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