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    XIO 9050 HSM is aimed to enhance the video& audio supervision quality and system maintenance, the professional signal detection equipment was used to capture the real-time node signal and form intelligent monitoring and warning through data analysis. Sending the alarm information by SNMP trap once there is a fault detected is becoming the best choice to build a monitoring and measurement system.

    The XIO 9050HSM signal QA detection card based on XIO-3U intelligent network frame platform, it adopts DSP technique, and each channel supports 2 channels SDI/HDSDI self-adaptive input, can detect more than 20 kinds of common parameter of digital signal, with inner WEBSEVER it can be visited by remote computer through IE browser. It can be adjust by third-party software or Gefei MagiCon, the comprehensive monitoring software.

    The LED lights on the module indicate the status of input signal and power supply, in order to let the user know the status immediately. It supports SNMP. It can be real-time managed and monitored by XIO NET, the Network Management Module, via Ethernet.

    Configured with MVIO smart chassis, it's a really convince signal quality probe.

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    Provide an individual Ref interface and frame sync processing

    Support 625i 50, 525i 60, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and automatic detection of input format

    Monitoring 18 kinds of SDI signal quality parameters

    Monitoring video format and AFD information

    Monitoring audio phase ,logo lost

    Support master and slave sync. phase offset detect 

    Support hot swap plug working with XIO series chassis

    Provide LED lights to indicate the status of signals and power supply

    Support SNMP, and can be real-time managed and monitored by XIO NET via Ethernet

    Widely used in broadcasting system, studios and other professional fields

    BB input:

    Interface: 1*BNC NTSC/PAL, Tri-level


    Video Input/out:

    Interface:2*HD-SDI input, 2*HD-SDI output BNC, 75 ohms   

    SD:625i 50, 525i 60;

     HD:720P 50/60, 1080I 50/59.94/60,

    1080P 30/29.97/25/24/23.98

    1080P 50/59.94/60


    Control: 1*RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps


    Status indicator

    Signal status indicator, Power indicator

    (Indicate by shining or extinguishing of the green LED)



    XIO 9050 HSM  

    HD/SD SDI Signal Real-time Monitoring Module

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