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    Based on brand-new XIO platform, XIO9040XC is a high-quality cross converter with frame sync processing. Meanwhile, the module provides a HD/SD-SDI-loop interface for other applications. It supports AFD and manual ratio adjustment (Bar/stretch/crop). There is advanced de-interlacing technology to generate high-quality HD-SDI signals. The module applies HD/SD-SDI input signal without embedded audio. Moreover it supports and automatic detection of input format.

    The LED lights on the module indicate the status of input signal and power supply, in order to let the user know the status immediately. It supports SNMP. It can be real-time managed and monitored by XIO NET, the Network Management Module, via Ethernet.

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    Provide automatic signal equalization 

    Provide an individual Ref interface and frame sync processing,  provide three kinds of sync mode: INT, single EXT, and Global EXT

    Support625i50,525i60,720p,1080i,1080p, and automatic detection of input format  

    Support non-embedded HD/SD-SDI signal

    Support AFD and manual adjustment (Bar/stretch/crop)

    Support hot swap plug

    Adjust H-phase and V-phase flexibly

    Provide LED lights to indicate the status of signals and power supply

    Support SNMP, and can be real-time managed and monitored by XIO NET via Ethernet

    Widely used in broadcasting system, studios and other professional fields

    Digital Input

    Input interface:  1*HD/SD-SDI, BNC

    Impedance:        75 ohms

    Format:              525i60, 625i50,  SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s

    Max length:       <200m (Belden 1694A)  


    Ref In

    Input type:     Analog composite video

    Input interface:  1*Ref, BNC

    Standard:       PAL/NTSC          


    Digital Output  

    Output interface: 1* HD/SD-SDI Loop, BNC

    Impedance:          75 ohms

    Standard:             SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s

    Level:                    800mV±5%

    Jitter:                    <0.2UI


    Output interface: 2*HDSDI, BNC

    Impedance:     75 ohms

    Format:        1080i50/60



    SMPTE 292M; 1.485Gb/s

    Level:          800mV±5%

    Jitter:          <0.2UI (100 KHz)


    Status indicator

    Signal status indicator, Power indicator

    (Indicate by shining or extinguishing of the green LED) 

    XIO 9040UC:        

    SD-SDI up converter and DA

    XIO 9040UC-KF:       

    Dual SD-SDI signals upconverter

    XIO 9040VSD-HD-DC:  

    HD-SDI down converter and DA

    XIO 9040XC:        

    HD/SD-SDI cross converter

    XIO 9040XC-4AUD:    

    HD/SD-SDI cross converter with analog audio output

    XIO 9040XC-2AES:     

    HD/SD-SDI cross convertor with digital audio output

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