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    Based on brand-new XIO platform, XIO 9000VDA is a high-quality distribution amplifier which can distribute one analog composite video signal to seven outputs. And the device supports automatic input detection of NTSC and PAL. The gain of output signal can be adjusted via DIP Switcher.

    XIO 9000VDA provides signal equalization adjustment for up to 200m (Belden 8281), which can improve the signal quality and reduce the signal loss caused by long distance transmission of input source. The LED lights on the module indicate the status of input signal and power supply, in order to let the user know the status immediately. It supports SNMP. And it can be real-time managed and monitored by XIO NET, the Network Management Module, via Ethernet.

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    One analog composite video signal input, seven analog composite video signals output

    Support automatic input detection of NTSC and PAL standard

    Support hot swap plug

    Adjust the gain of output signal via DIP Switcher.

    Provides signal equalization adjustment for up to 200m (Belden 8281)

    Provide LED lights to indicate the status of signals and power supply

    Support SNMP, and can be real-time managed and monitored by XIO NET via Ethernet

    Widely used in broadcasting system, studios and other professional fields

    Analog Video Input:

    Input interface: 1*CVBS,BNC

    Impedance:    75 ohms

    Format:       PAL/NTSC

    Length:         ≤200 (Belden 8281)


    Analog Video Output:

    Output interface: 7*CVBS, BNC

    Impedance:      75 ohms

    Signal amplitude: 1Vpp

    White level:      0.7V

    H-sync level:     -0.3V


    Status indicator

    Signal status indicator, Power indicator

    (Indicate by shining or extinguishing of the green LED)



    Power consumption:  2-3W

     XIO 9000ADA               

    Analog audio distribution amplifier 

    XIO 9000VDA                

    Analog composite video distribution amplifier

    XIO 9000VSD-RC             

    SDI/ASI signal distribution amplifier with RC

    XIO 9000VSD-HD              

     HD/SD-SDI/ASI signal distribution amplifier with RC

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