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    MRS 32HS is a high –performance and cost effective smart router. It adopts host and remote control panel separation structure, which is convenient for remote control for users.

    The host is an ultrathin 3RU chassis with dual power supply, which combines stability and aesthetics. It supports up to 32X32 channel HD/SD digital signal input and output, and self-adaptive to HD/SD various formats of input signal. The remote control panel provides two types; one is 32X1 single output control, the other is X+Y work mode. You can select control panel according to different needs, which meets various middle-small size digital HD/SD video dispatching system’s requirements. Every Host supports 4 panels work together.

       This product is with compact structure and light body, and it is easy for using in various circumstances, like studio, broadcast center, broadcast and other various high-performance real-time occasions.

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    Support the output switch of up to 32 busbar with inner 20bit processing and dual power supply. 

    Adopt HD/SD self-adaptive processing which supports mixed insertion and switch of HD and SD.

    The field blanking processing provides an independent external sync, ensure the switching without mute and flicker

    Host chassis and RCP is separate, which is convenient for remote control.

    Single chassis achieves at most 4 RCP’s separate control

    RS232, and RS485, saving cost.

    Redundant power

    Support software control, operations are easy.

     Digital video input:

    Input interface:      32*SD/HD-SDI,

    BNC connection

    Impedance:           75Ω

    Format:                    SMPTE 292M;1.5Gbit/s

    Return loss:          ﹥15dB


    Digital video output:

    Output interface:      32*SD/HD-SDI,

    BNC connection

    Impedance:              75Ω

    Format:                     SMPTE 292M;1.5Gbit/s

    Signal amplitude:      800mV±10%

    Jitter :                       ﹤740ps

    Rise and fall time:    ﹤1500ps

    Rise and fall time difference: ﹤500ps


    Control interface:

    1* RS232   Connection between chassis and computer

    4*RS485   Connection between RCP and chassis


    Power consumption:

    Chassis module: 2X100W redundancy

    RCP panel:      1X5W



    Host chassis: standard 3RU rack 

    RCP chassis: standard 1RU rack

     MRS-32HS           32-channel HD/SD digital switch matrix

    MRS-3201 PCP         32X1 channel HD/SD digital switch RCP

    MRS-XY PCP           X+Y HD/SD digital switch RCP

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