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    Based on Mini MIO BOX platform, MMIO VDA is a high-quality distribution which can distribute one analog video to four analog video outputs, the mini-size unit of 96.7x65x28 mm. And the device supports CVBS input signal and automatic input detection of PAL and NTSC format.


    The LED lights on the Mini box indicate the status of input signal and power supply, in order to let the user know the status immediately.

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    One analog video input

    Four distribution outputs

    Support PAL/NTSC and auto-sensing input

    The LED lights on the Mini box indicate the status of input signal and power supply

    Mini box structure easily installed inside frame racks, video walls and so on

    Widely used in broadcasting system, studios and other professional fields


    Analog video input:

    Input interface:              CVBS, BNC connection

    Impedance:                   75Ω

    System:                          PAL/NTSC


    Analog video output:

    Output interface:            CVBS, BNC connection

    Impedance:                    75Ω

    Signal amplitude:           1Vpp

    Peak level:                     0.7V

    Horizontal sync. level:   -0.3V

    Color sync. peak:          300mv


    Status indicator:

    Input signal status indicator

    Power supply indicator

    (Indicate by shining or extinguishing of the green LED)


    Power consumption:

    Power: 12VDC 1A

    Dimension: 96.7x65x28 mm


    MMIO VSD           1x4 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal distribution with RC


    MMIO VSD           1x4 CVBS analog video distribution


    MMIO ADA            1x4 analog audio distribution

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