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           VIO MVS-4UHD supports 4xquad-link UHDSDI signals or 4x12 GSDI signals input, 1xHDMI 2.0 and 1x12G SDI duplicated output, output resolution up to 2160 60p, it also supports 16 x3G/HDSDI signal self-adaptive input to meet the needs of 16 channels of high-definition digital signal monitoring.

           With the high-performance ARM+FPGA hardware architecture, built-in Webserver, without installing software separately, users can configure layout flexibly and conveniently in the Web page. such as layout design and save, audio bar, UMD or input signal information, image quality real time monitoring and voice alarm, dynamic UMD &tally from routers etc.

            VIO MVS-4UHD based 1RU standalone chassis with redundant power supply, it can be widely used in studio, broadcasting room, master control center, production editing studio.

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    Ø Support 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p adaptive input

    Ø Support embedded/non-embedded SDI inputs

    Ø The output adopts HDMI2.0b output, output resolution up to 2160 60p.

    Ø Supports 1x12GSDI replication output with HDMI interface output

    Ø Output signal HDMI&SDI signal with embedded audio,the audio source can be selected from control UI

    Ø Display input signal formats and other signal source information

    Ø Program UMD, supports dynamic UMD &tally

    Ø Provide different clock styles design: analog clock, digital clock, countdown clock, start time;

    Ø Provide marking key signal source, so we can focus on key images in complex template layout;

    Ø User can customize windows border color

    Ø Automatic video and audio detection and alarm functions, including video loss, video static frame, video black field, audio silence, audio overshoot, etc. Alarm mode supports text pop-up, small icon pop-up and voice prompt alarm

    Ø Embedded web server,Web page control UI flexibly and conveniently through the network

    Ø Layout can be saved and recall, import or ex export.

    Ø 1RU standalone chassis with redundant power supply

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    4CH. UHDSDI multi-viewer

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