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            VIO Dealy-X-UHD180S is solid-state delay line, supports max 180 seconds delay of uncompressed UHD signal, at same time it supports 40 seconds on-line acquisition, and supports the clip I/O-point editing. With built-in frame synchronization, provides one BB input, and supports internal or external synchronization modes. The delay time is accurate to the frame, and the step of delay time can be adjusted.

    Based on 2RU modular hardware architecture, UHD baseband signal and IP signal input and output modular can be selected; multi-viewer output modular, and 8-channel analog audio or 16-channel AES audio embedded and de-embedded modular.

           The equipment supports the master and slave remote-control panel at same time, provides the WYSIWYG parameters adjustment LCD monitor, delay/auxiliary/mute signal switching buttons and alarm countdown button. Provides stereo headphone jacks to facilitate audition. With the characteristics of specialty and stability, the equipment is suitable for UHD studio, Ob-Van, on-air studio MC room and other applications. 

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    Max delay time of UHD Signal up to 180 seconds, supporting 1x quad-link UHD or 1x12G SDI adaptive input.

    Dual signal delay data bus mechanism, any point of image from buffer can be selected for output preview to ensure switching safety and retain as many effective pictures as possible to reduce content loss during live broadcast.

    Built-in 40 seconds acquisition function. users can collect on-site signals as internal auxiliary signal source.

    Supports remote control panel, which can control two host delay devices simultaneously.

    One host delay device supports two remote control panel.

    The panel is equipped with large double-color buttons, which are bypass, delay, auxiliary source, mute and abnormal countdown alarm prompt.

    Selected multi-viewer processing module, provides convenience for multi-signal monitoring and simplifies system. complexity

    Supports embedded audio delay input and output

    Selected audio input/output module, user can choose PGM audio source from auxiliary signal or external audio input and output, which fully meets the delayed use requirements for studios.

    Each audio module provides 4-channel analog audio or 4 groups of AES audio input and output, max two audio module can be configured in one device, support up to 8 channels analog audio or 8 groups of AES audio input/output.

    Embedded Web server, support system program upgrade and online maintenance.

    Supporting standard SNMP protocol to facilitate integration with third-party monitoring software.

    Supports redundant and hot-plug power supply 


    VIO Delay-X-UHD180s

    UHD Solid-state super delay line up to 180s


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