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    MVIO 9102IPG based on ST2110 protocol, complete converter between maxi 4 Ch. SDI signals uncompressed IP signals. Each SDI channel interface can be defined as receiving or sending mode.

    Configured with two 10G SFP + bidirectional fibre channel, which can be configured to receive or send. supports the ST2022-7 protocol (A/B seamless switching protocol), ST2059 (PTP timing) protocol and BB input. NMOS IS04/05 registration / discovery and control protocol.

    With built-in webserver, user can do remote configure and monitoring IP streams

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    Ø High performance ARM Cortex +FPGA structure

    Ø 2x 10 GigE SFP+ media network physical connector

    Ø Dual fiber interface can be linked working as 20G RX or 20G TX

    Ø Dual fiber interface can output duplicated IP streaming

    Ø Dual fiber interface can input or output hitless switching IP streaming based on SMPTE 2022-7

    Ø Supports hitless switch IP streaming (based on SMPTE2022-7) send or receive

    Ø 4 x 3G/HD-SDI configurable bi-direction I/O

    Ø Supports 1x 4bank UHD SDI(SQD/2SI)signal send or receive

    Ø AIMS compatible IP protocol, support ST2110-10/20/21/30/40

    Ø Support PTP timing (ST 2059), external BB/tri-level

    Ø Horizontal and vertical phase of receiver SDI outputs adjustable

    Ø Supports discovery/registration and control via NMOS IS-04/ IS-05 

    Ø WEB configure and monitoring page

    Ø Productin and post-production workflow flexibility and stable

     SDI Interface

    Qty: 4 x BNC 75 ohms





    10-bit, 4:2:2, uncompressed

    In or out can be configured in web control page

    Reference Interface

    BB:  Qty: 1 x BNC 75 ohms

    Format:NTSC/PAL, Tri-level

    PTP: Comes from media network interface


    Media Network Interfaces

    Qty: 2 x SFP+ Female LC Duplex

     1310nm, 1550nm (selectable)

    10 Gig Ethernet, RX+TX

    Single-mode or multi-mode selectable

    SMPTE ST 2110 suites support

    Control Interface

    Network: Qty:1 x RJ-45 interface 100/1000bps




     Internal 90 - 240V AC



    MVIO 9102 IPG

    4CH. SDI bi-direction 10G IP gateway

    NXIO 9103 IPG

    2Ch. UHD SDI / 8CH. SDI bi-direction 25G IP gateway

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