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VIO Standalone
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VIO MVS-16HD-D is a 1 RU standalone multiviewer system. VIO MVS-16HD-D supports 16ch. HD/SD/CVBS & 2 DVI/HDMI/VGA auto adaptive inputs, 2 DVI/HDMI (up to 1920x1080) with 2 duplicated HDSDI Outputs; it is a low cost multi-view display system with rich features, such as dual redundant power supplies, real time audio/video monitoring, dynamic UMD & tally, UV meter. Built in WEB server provides an easy control and supports SMNP and TSL protocol.
VIO MVS-16HD-D is a perfect cost-effective display solution for broadcast and pro AV applications.
Key Features  
portable 16 SDI + 2 DVI input multiviewer with dual outputDisplay up to 18 Video channels
standalone 1RU 16 SDI + 2 DVI input multiviewer with dual outputsSupport HD/SD-SDI signal with embedded audio, 525i,625i, 720P, 1080i, 1080P auto adapting
portable 16x3G/HD/SD/CVBS + 2 HDMI/DVI/VGA input multiviewer with dual outputSupport composite video with analog audio, PAL & NTSC auto adapting
portable 16xHD-SDI+ 2xDVI-I input multiviewer with dual DVI+SDI outputOutput resolutions, up to 1920x1080P60
1RU 16xSDI + 2xDVI input multiviewer with dual outputsFlexible output options:4:3, 16:9, customized aspect ratio, supports 4:3 or 16:9 safe maker 
compact 16xHD-SDI + 2xHDMI input multiviewer with dual DVI outputSelectable air timer and countdown timers, analog and digital clocks style
1RU 16xCVBS + 2xHDMI input multiviewer with dual SDI outputAny channel can be enlarged to full screen
standalone 16xCVBS + 2xHDMI input multiviewer with dual DVI outputDynamic UMDs & Tally
dual output multiviewer with 16xSDI + 2xDVI-I inputProgrammable multi color static UMD
portable dual output multiviewer with 16xSDI + 2xDVI-I inputSupport format display of input signal, AFD information, UV meter
portable 1RU dual output multiviewer with 16xSDI + 2xDVI-I inputAlarming of frozen or black video, video losing, and audio silence or losing
portable dual output multiviewer with 16xSDI + 2xDVI-I input in 1 RU chassisBuilt-in WEBSERVER via RJ45
1 RU platform dual output multiviewer with 16xSDI + 2xDVI-I inputSNMP, TSL, GPS serial timing
dual output multiviewer has 18 inputStandard 1U frame with dual redundant power supplies
dual output multiviewer has universal video inputsProfessional DSP accelerated image processing
     portable multi-viewer with 18 inputs

1RU portalbe 16+ input multiviewer with 2xDVI + 2xSDI output

      16+ input multi viewer in 1RU chassis

      16 SDI input screen splitter

16+ SDI input compact multiviewer for truckDual outputs share all input sources (16 BNC+ 2 HDMI/DVI)
16 SDI input screen splitterEach signal source can be displayed in any output or both outputs.
16+ SDI input screen splitter for studioSupport the same input signal in different video channels
16xSDI + 2XDVI-I input multiviewer for truck>Any video channel can be easily moved from one screen to another screen in real-time.
16xHD/SD/CVBS + 2xDVI-I input multiviewer for OBV
       16xHD/SD/CVBS + 2xDVI-I input multiviewer for control room
Typical applications Legend / Interface definition  
      16xHD/SD/CVBS + 2xDVI-I input multiviewer with dual output for broadcasting control
Front/back panel and interface  

 Video Input  16 x BNC (HD(3G)/SD/CVBS) + 2 x DVI-I (DVI/HDMI/VGA)
 Input Format  SD: 480i, 576i, 
 HD: 720P, 1080i, 1080P
 Video Output  DVI-I x 2 ( female, supports HDMI protocol), BNC x 2 (HDSDI)
 Output format  DVI: 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x1024, 1366x768, 1400x1050,
 1600x900, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1920x1080
 SDI: 720P, 1080i, 1080P
 Analog audio input/output  DB26 x 2, 16 Ch. balance audio in, 1 stero audio out
 Control  RJ 45 Ethernet for buildin in WEB Server, TSL SMNP protocol
DB26 - RS-232/GPI LTC, XLR, EBU code
 Power  Dual 120W, 110-250VAC, 2.5A
 Physical dimension  438mmx368mmx44mm

Ordering Information  
 VIO MVS-8HD   1 RU standalone multiviewer system with 8x 3G/HD/SD/CVBS + 1xDVI/HDMI/VGA input and DVI with duplicated SDI output
 VIO MVS-16HD-D   1 RU standalone multiviewer system with 16x 3G/HD/SD/CVBS + 2xDVI/HDMI/VGA input and dual DVI + SDI output
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